WAIT. I’m running to grab your soul. I’m sure you’re running to get inside me. Like soldiers at the same front, I know you, you know me. We’re getting closer. In that park we’ll take a rose. Let the feeling melt away. For the time we can’t take. For the joy we leave behind. For the profane we never care. Let them go and fade away. We’re running, faster and faster. Stronger and wiser. For the energy that repackaged. For the love that been united.

GO. Step ahead. Never move back. Prepare yourself. And I gotta prepare myself. For the sky no one could ever tear. For the planets nobody able lift. For the sun no man can turn into ice. We move forward to the center of all. No creature can stop. No power can beat.

TRUTH. And the truth leads our voyage. And this witnessed swear is our ship. The destiny no man can change. The only way to the greatest expectation. I’ll stand by you. All the time you go through. This way. A do, I won’t let you walk alone. Never all alone.


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