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every baby// kelly family

Every baby needs a mama, needs a papa, close at hand, to hold their hand
I look in the eyes of a beautiful child
They tell me more than words
He reaches his hand and cries for something
I’ll give him all i have, every baby
Birdies on the window, see the birdies on my window
If i could fly oh babe i would fly
Believe me, i’m holding his hand and givin my love through happiness n sorrow
In no time he’ll be a big boy
What a wonder of love

Every baby, little baby you’re not alone


my bröthers..

nø more hate, c d ice melt in second
a big lie not to love u, i do luv u
soft and mild, in terderness all mixed up
no more gap, we’re closer than ever
time and space mean nothing Continue reading ‘my bröthers..’